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Mysthea Overview and Giveaway!

14 March, 2018 | Your Opinion
Tabula Games is an indie board game design Studio that mixes Euro-style mechanics and deep theme along with high-quality components and miniatures. Now, they come to Kickstarter with their 3rd project, Mysthea, and the task of making it at least... more!

Isles of Terror Overview and Giveaway!

4 February, 2018 | Your Opinion
A new exciting exploration game comes from the quite new publisher (2014 founded), Voodoo Games. Isles of Terror just launched on Kickstarter supported by a well-structured campaign that forecasts its success. Before we jump into the overview of the game... more!

Rambo: The Board Game

1 February, 2018 | Your Opinion
A game setting that needs no introduction is coming by “Everything Epic Games”. “Rambo: The Board Game” is a new tactical miniatures game that will let you relive Rambo’s epic missions or experience them for the first time, along with... more!