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Arkham Ritual

4 January, 2018 | Your Opinion
Arkham Ritual is a Kickstarter game that was funded almost a year ago with great success! The game comes from a quite new publishing company with the mission to bring wonderful Japanese games to the players’ tables internationally. Japanese designers... more!

Dogtag Now on Kickstarter!

27 December, 2017 | Your Opinion
This is a game from a first-time creator that got my attention thanks to its beautiful and cartoony art of dogs and its weird theme. Let’s take a look! GAME OVERVIEW In Dogtag you are a dog that seeks online... more!

Dice Wars on Kickstarter!

24 December, 2017 | Your Opinion
A self-published Kickstarter campaign by Wiz Dice I believe, created by “Brybelly”. It caught my attention as it contains dice, custom dice, big dice and it’s named Dice Wars! I love dice, like many of you so I had to... more!

Museum Last Hours on Kickstarter!

15 December, 2017 | Your Opinion
MUSEUM is the latest game brought by “Holy Grail Games”. You can immediately by now know when a game is illustrated by “Vincent Dutrait” and this one is another feast for your eyes. It includes over 300 individual illustrations making... more!