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Isles of Terror Overview and Giveaway!

4 February, 2018 | Your Opinion
A new exciting exploration game comes from the quite new publisher (2014 founded), Voodoo Games. Isles of Terror just launched on Kickstarter supported by a well-structured campaign that forecasts its success. Before we jump into the overview of the game... more!

Rambo: The Board Game

1 February, 2018 | Your Opinion
A game setting that needs no introduction is coming by “Everything Epic Games”. “Rambo: The Board Game” is a new tactical miniatures game that will let you relive Rambo’s epic missions or experience them for the first time, along with... more!

TINY EPIC ZOMBIES Overview and Giveaway!

28 January, 2018 | Your Opinion
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HATE Overview and Giveaway!

23 January, 2018 | Your Opinion
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Arkham Ritual

4 January, 2018 | Your Opinion
Arkham Ritual is a Kickstarter game that was funded almost a year ago with great success! The game comes from a quite new publishing company with the mission to bring wonderful Japanese games to the players’ tables internationally. Japanese designers... more!