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Dogtag Now on Kickstarter!

27 December, 2017 | Your Opinion
This is a game from a first-time creator that got my attention thanks to its beautiful and cartoony art of dogs and its weird theme. Let’s take a look! GAME OVERVIEW In Dogtag you are a dog that seeks online... more!

Dice Wars on Kickstarter!

24 December, 2017 | Your Opinion
A self-published Kickstarter campaign by Wiz Dice I believe, created by “Brybelly”. It caught my attention as it contains dice, custom dice, big dice and it’s named Dice Wars! I love dice, like many of you so I had to... more!

Museum Last Hours on Kickstarter!

15 December, 2017 | Your Opinion
MUSEUM is the latest game brought by “Holy Grail Games”. You can immediately by now know when a game is illustrated by “Vincent Dutrait” and this one is another feast for your eyes. It includes over 300 individual illustrations making... more!

Dragon Canyon

23 November, 2017 | Your Opinion
Dragon Canyon is already live and funded on Kickstarter by Sweet Lemon Publishing, another interesting game from the publisher, challenging standards. Please note that the campaign made the Solo mode for the game a reality, something that wasn`t available in... more!

Ironclad Giveaway by Board Game Revolution!

22 November, 2017 | Your Opinion
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