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Nexus: Scrapyard

14 August, 2017 | Your Opinion
“Nexus: Scrapyard” is the first game of the “Chronicle” series, games that when played affect the other games. Meaning that a session of Nexus will have an effect on the mechanics and more of the 2nd game of the series!... more!

Cover Me – Now on Kickstarter!

10 August, 2017 | Your Opinion
THEMATIC OVERVIEW You are the chief editor of a trendy magazine, having an impact in the fashion industry. Your covers will influence the upcoming trends but that’s also the case for your rival magazines, so you have to choose wisely... more!

Stone Daze Interview – Now On Kickstarter!

29 July, 2017 | Your Opinion
“Lion Keinan” from Tyto Games answers some questions about the company, their live campaign “Stone Daze” and possible future projects! “Stone Daze” is “Tyto Games’” third successful campaign on Kickstarter. Let us know about your company, its vision and philosophy,... more!

Ascended Kings on Kickstarter!

24 July, 2017 | Your Opinion
The relaunch of “Ascended Kings” is here with an updated campaign and new lower price. The first game of “Incarnate Games”, transforming Art into Play. For those not already familiar with the game, we will go over a quick overview... more!

Grimoire Quest Funded on Kickstarter!

18 July, 2017 | Your Opinion
“Grimoire Quest” ran its first Kickstarter campaign earlier this year but without success as they decided to cancel, reflect upon the feedback and come back with a better product overall. A couple of months afterwards, the relaunch of the campaign... more!

Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 3

17 July, 2017 | Your Opinion
Many of you may already know about “Cthulhu Wars”, a game of big proportions with a ton of plastic miniatures in a great variety of sizes and colors. If you are not familiar at all with the game, you can... more!