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Pandemic: Contagion

30 June, 2016 | Your Opinion
In Pandemic: Contagion, you are a disease and are competing against other diseases/players trying to eliminate humanity. There is no cure and your goal is to be the most deadly disease that has ever been known.

Fire Team Zero

25 June, 2016 | Your Opinion
Fireteam Zero is a cooperative game of survival in which 1-4 players must cut a path through an endless swarm of deadly monsters, in order to defeat the ultimate evil.

Rum & Bones

23 June, 2016 | Your Opinion
In Rum & Bones, you play as legendary pirate heroes with unique powers and abilities, and fight over Davy Jone’s legendary treasure.

Tiny Epic Galaxies

15 June, 2016 | Your Opinion
In Tiny Epic Galaxies, each player controls a galactic empire and aims at acquiring great planets and increasing their cosmic armada, in order to expand their influence.

Buccaneer Bones

12 June, 2016 | Your Opinion
In Buccaneer Bones, you play as pirates and you have to be the first to get three treasures and earn the title of “Scourge of the Seven Seas”.