Board Game Upgrades – Feed The Kraken, Foundations of Rome, Token Sesame

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Board game upgrades and deluxifications, another month, another video. This time with more inserts, geek up bits, coins, big boxes and more.

Top Shelf Gamer –
It’s active from Fri., 6/24 through 7/9

Item Links (Top Shelf Gamer and BGG are Affialiate Links)
Token Sesame Holder –
The Search For Planet X –
Bullet –
Foundations of Rome Metal Coins –
Feed the Kraken –
T-Shirts –
Token Holders –

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:00:17 – Top Shelf Gamer
0:01:02 – Token Sesame Holder
0:03:33 – The Search For Planet X
0:05:35 – Bullet
0:07:55 – Foundations of Rome Metal Coins
0:12:20 – Feed the Kraken
0:19:00 – Wrapping Up

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