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Category: Age: 8+ 15 - Min 2 - 4 Players 2016
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Game Summary

Set-Up Ease: How fast you can open a mint tin?5 / 5 Gameplay Ease: The rules are simple, the possibilities are endless 5 / 5 Replay Value: You’ll get hours of play out of it, guaranteed 5 / 5 Thematic: Wooden mint-shaped tokens inside a mint tin 4 / 5
Overall Rating: I cannot stress this enough, the game rocks! 10 / 10

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The moment I learned about worker-placement games, I classified them as my favorite type of board game. Naturally, I did my research to learn more about them, until I came upon a Kickstarter campaign which blew my mind. The reason is because Justin Blaske was able to compress the entirety of a worker-placement game inside a mint tin!

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To be completely honest, it was precisely this novelty what drew me to seeking out more information about the game. It turns out that this tiny, mint tin can hold a really heavy game that requires a lot of thinking and plays really fast at the same time. You have your location cards, (four originally, five new ones with all the unlocked stretched goals), you have your mint tokens, you have a deck of assorted plans (Culture, Production and Utility cards) and you’re set! All you have to worry about is to reach 7 points before your opponents do.

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Apart from the new location and plan cards that were unlocked on the campaign, another feature that will reach the backers in May 2017 is the existence of four different AI opponents. That’s right, when you decide to play solo, you can actually pick whom you’re playing against. At first glance you might not see what the big deal is, but once you start playing, you’ll know that the struggle is real. Mort, Sonic, Rachael and Justin all have unique characteristics and a particular gamestyle, but they can really mess your strategy up.

Why you should play it

It’s a clever worker-placement game that fits inside a mint tin. You can take it anywhere and teach anyone to play it in a matter of seconds. If all the italicized words aren’t enough to convince you, I don’t know what is.

Why you shouldn’t play it

Do you hate mints? Do you hate extremely portable games? Do you hate people? Do you perhaps hate yourself? Even if all the above are true, you still should play it.

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