February 2022 Board Games on Crowdfunding

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Kevin talks about upcoming board games on Kickstarter and Gamefound all of February 2022.

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Feb 1 Seas of Havoc
Feb 1 Rogue Angels
Feb 1 Hand to Hand Wombat
Feb 1 Monsters and the things that destroy them
Feb 1 Trekking through History
Feb 2 Evolution: New World
Feb 7 Unfair Expansion
Feb 8 Rolling Heights
Feb 8 Wreckland Run
Feb 8 Find it book
Feb 8 Floating Floors
Feb 8 Iron Forest
Feb 8 Silicon Valley
Feb Changan
Feb 15 Behext
Feb 15 Earth
Feb 15 Sum8
Feb 15 Frozen Frontier
Feb 21 51st state master set
Feb 22 Tidal Blades Part 2 – Rise of the Unfolders
Feb 22 Ahau
Feb 22 Tang Gardens seasons
Feb 22 Rumors and Legends
Feb 2022 Kingdoms Forlorn