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Category: Age: 8+ 5 - Min 2 - 99 Players 2014

Game Summary

Set-Up Ease: If you can open a paper box you got it!5 / 5 Gameplay Ease: If gameplay existed. 5 / 5 Replay Value: Many cards X many play groups! 5 / 5 Thematic: Break ties without a reason. 1 / 5
Overall Rating: Fulfills its job in a funny way. 8 / 10

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Goal of the game and gameplay overview

Are you tired of not being the one that won the Nobel Prize most recently or didn`t slain a Dragon with his eyes? Sharing a victory was always a pain for you? Losing after an absurd tie breaker that only the person that beat you knows? The answer comes with Bim Bum Bam!

The game is that simple:

  1. Open it
  2. Randomly draw a card from the deck
  3. The person who fits the card’s description plays first/wins the tie/ etc.

The game comes with 40 cards with beautiful cartoony art.

Personal thoughts

Bim Bum Bam effectively accomplishes what it is made for. The concern that most people have with this is that some cards may be a little offensive for some people. For example, there are a “Who stinks the most” and a “Who weights the most” cards that may bring some awkwardness to the table. If you think that something like that may bring you trouble, just get rid of these 4-5 cards.
I work as a “Game Guru” at two local board game cafes and I sometimes use Bim Bum Bam with great success with the customers, because they always ask who plays first after I explain a game. So, if you want to start your game with laughs at the table I totally recommend it!

The right mood to play the game

This is a really simple and light-hearted way to randomly choose a first player, break a tie or for whatever reason you want to use it for. Keeping that in mind, try not to get offended by any of these cards. At the end of the day, if a “negative” attribute gets stuck to you, it’s probably true and it may be good to have your attention (for example being the one that is always late).

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