Reviewing 3 Abstract Games – Mythic Mischief, Tak & Santorini

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We played 3 abstract games, Tak, Santorini and Mythic Mischief. We sit down to discuss our experiences with the 3 games, what’s the same, what’s different, what works better and worse in each one.

0:00:00 – Overview
0:01:50 – Some Differences
0:03:20 – A Slow Ramp Up
0:07:19 – Asymmetry
0:08:07 – Visually Striking

5.0 – My absolutely favorite games. You can pry them out of my cold dead hands.
4.5 – Love this game! At the same time missing something that would make it a 5. Could be hard to table, lacking variability, a little light, etc.
4.0 – Really great game, almost always keeping, although has meaningful complaints as to what takes away from the experience.
3.5 – Really enjoyed, don’t love it, may lose out to better games but the idea of never playing again is a bit sad.
3.0 – A good game, would play and suggest with the right people, if I never played it again wouldn’t lose any sleep.
2.5 – A game I’d play again , but will never suggest it myself
2.0 – A game I don’t want to play again
1.5 – A game I can’t find any reason to recommend
1.0 – A game that is just bad.

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