Black Lives Matter

My fellow Storytellers,

Boardgame Stories was created by our desire to give people the chance to express themselves and feel free to share their thoughts and concerns. This includes people who are involved in contributing on BGS and of course the members of our community, because freedom and equality are our strongest and deepest beliefs and values.

Black Lives Matter

We support and always have supported BIPOC communities that fight against injustice, inequality, hatred and violence.

When it comes to our hobby, our tables are a microcosm of our society. Choose the people who sit beside you and respect each and every one of them, because only when being together as a whole, we can move on and create a beautiful world.

I would like to share a song from an artist I grew up listening to, who spoke of love at a place and time where the most common path to follow was that of hatred and violence. Bob Marley believed that you could actually cure racism and hate by injecting music and love into people’s lives.

One Love <3 performed by people from all around the world

One Love (Bob Marley) feat. Manu Chao | Playing For Change | Song Around The World