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Cooperation in News

Village Attacks – Protect your Castle

12 March, 2017 |
Village Attacks is an epic cooperative game, where you play as some infamous creatures of folklore that have to defend their castle from the local villagers. You are creatures to be feared and have settled in a castle that is... more!

By Order of the Queen – Another Approach

13 February, 2017 |
Thematic Overview Guild masters of the Kingdom of Tessandor, we need your assistance to protect this Kingdom. Our Kings hasn`t returned and our enemies seized this opportunity to threaten our peace. By order of the Queen, gather the greatest Heroes... more!

By Order of the Queen – Live on Kickstarter

6 February, 2017 |
By Order of the Queen is a cooperative fantasy game with an RPG theme. The Kingdom of Tessandor needs protection from the constant threat coming by monsters and evil-doers and you, the Quest Agents, have been assigned that task. As... more!

Sub Terra – Will You Escape?

14 January, 2017 |
You are a team of cave explorers and you find yourselves trapped deep underground. Everything down there is dark and you have your flashlights, but they won’t last for long. So, there is limited time in which you must work... more!

Yōkai Quest – A Japan-Inspired World

8 December, 2016 |
Yōkai Quest is a cooperative action game that is set in a fantasy world inspired by Japan. It is a game in which heroes are represented by miniatures that have been designed with a “chibi” look, which makes them cute... more!