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Are You Ready to DIG?

24 March, 2017 | Your Opinion

DIG! This is what you must do to get the treasures that lie into the Hill. However, more are to be found into it, such as creatures and traps… You have to go deep into the Hill and collect ten... more!

Will You Be the Khan of Khans?

26 January, 2017 | Your Opinion

You are khans of the great tribes of Prax in Greg Stafford’s mythic world of Glorantha. The High Priestess has decided that the khan who brings the most cattle from Dragon Pass will be known as “Khan of Khans”, the... more!

Citadels – A Revised Edition

31 December, 2016 | Your Opinion

Windrider Games brings another “blast from the past” and this time it is one of my favorite games, Citadels! This new version has been revised and expanded by the original designer, Bruno Faidutti and the Windrider team. This version will... more!