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DIG – Last Days on Kickstarter

13 April, 2017 |
Only a few days left for DIG on Kickstarter! The campaign will be running until April 16th, so this is your last chance to back it! For more information on the game read our article. Let’s DIG it! https://ksr-video.imgix.net/projects/2836935/video-758881-h264_high.mp4

Are You Ready to DIG?

24 March, 2017 |
DIG! This is what you must do to get the treasures that lie into the Hill. However, more are to be found into it, such as creatures and traps… You have to go deep into the Hill and collect ten... more!

Make your Shelter for the Dogs!

5 March, 2017 |
Do you love dogs? If you do, then you are going to enjoy this fun family board game, where taking care of stray dogs can make you a Hero! In Dogs, each one of you is the owner of an... more!

Will You Be the Khan of Khans?

26 January, 2017 |
You are khans of the great tribes of Prax in Greg Stafford’s mythic world of Glorantha. The High Priestess has decided that the khan who brings the most cattle from Dragon Pass will be known as “Khan of Khans”, the... more!