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Carthage Running on Kickstarter

24 May, 2017 | Your Opinion

THEMATIC OVERVIEW Welcome to Carthage. The arena is set and your gladiator is ready to triumph over the other gladiators in order to be the last man standing. Who will endure the fierce battle? GAME OVERVIEW Carthage is a game... more!

Sine Tempore – Today on Kickstarter!

16 May, 2017 | Your Opinion

Sine Tempore is the next project coming from “Ludus Magnus Studio” which bears a lot of similarities with its predecessor, Nova Aetas, in game mechanics but with a “more fast and furious” approach. https://ksr-video.imgix.net/projects/2859765/video-778752-h264_high.mp4 THEMATIC OVERVIEW Taking you back to a faraway... more!