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Braintopia – A Fun Brain-Teaser!

25 December, 2016 | Your Opinion

Braintopia is coming up by Asmodee to challenge you or rather your mind! It is a simple game, whose purpose however is to test various skills of yours, such as speed, observation, coordination etc. through eight different challenges. This is... more!

One of You Has Been Bitten…

16 December, 2016 | Your Opinion

In the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, you and a group of survivors have been used to constantly raiding in an attempt to find any kind of supplies. During the last supply raid, things got really bad, as a bunch... more!

Math Fluxx Coming Up

4 December, 2016 | Your Opinion

Math Fluxx will be a new, number related addition to the Fluxx family coming in March. In this version, players will attempt to use whole number from their hand to complete a very mathematical goal. It’s more than a simple... more!

Vaxcards – Are You Feeling Sick?

24 November, 2016 | Your Opinion

Vaxcards is a game of infectious disease and fun! It is a strategic battle style card game where players collect diseases in order to infect and eradicate each other! You must improve your immunity through vaccination, however, you must reduce... more!