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Space Editor Now on Kickstarter!

10 October, 2017 | Your Opinion
In Space Editor each player becomes an incarnation of a God that governs upon one of the 4 elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Wind. The player who governs the strongest element wins this godly battle. Game Overview Space Editor is... more!

Dice Hospital Now on Kickstarter!

9 October, 2017 | Your Opinion
THEMATIC OVERVIEW In Dice Hospital, each player takes control of a hospital and tries to heal as many patients as they can in various ways in order to score victory points. GAME OVERVIEW Dice Hospital mixes worker placement and dice... more!

Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down

7 October, 2017 | Your Opinion
Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down is a game of strategy in which each player chooses one faction in order to fight for survival, as well as for world domination, at a time when the moon has crashed into the earth. The... more!

ZiPANG Portable: The Card Game

7 September, 2017 | Your Opinion
THEMATIC OVERVIEW During the 17th century there was the Sengoku period in Japan. In Zipang you are a rising samurai trying to become the all-powerful shogun by gathering resources, honor or by eliminating your opponents. GAME OVERVIEW Zipang is a... more!