Martino Chiacchiera

The Faceless – Kickstarter Overview!

Alter Ego Games Studio is a new publishing company that makes its debut on April 13th on Kickstarter with the cooperative horror game, The Faceless. Their mission is to deliver unforgettable experiences through unique mechanics, but aren’t they all?  In... more!

Barbarians: The Invasion

Board to Death Review: Barbarians: The Invasion. In this game you control a barbarian clan and lead it on its path to glory. Place your champions on the 3D Volcano to gather resources, construct buildings, pray to gods, and lead your... more!

Mysthea Overview and Giveaway!

Tabula Games is an indie board game design Studio that mixes Euro-style mechanics and deep theme along with high-quality components and miniatures. Now, they come to Kickstarter with their 3rd project, Mysthea, and the task of making it at least... more!