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Hello fellow gamers, and Happy New Year!

Emerson Matsuuchi designed a hotly anticipated game series called Caravan a while back, which was to be released by Z-Man Games, but when Asmodee purchased Z-Man last year, many games including Caravan were up in the air. Now, the game and its expansions have reemerged as the Century Trilogy. The three different themes (Spice World, The New World, Eastern Wonders) draw parallels to the ever popular Splendor, as players pose as caravan leaders working trade routes and selling spices for fame and glory. The games will be published by Plan B Games and Nazca Games, the first of the trilogy to be released in June this year.

Speaking of Asmodee, they keep acquiring more and more companies, this time acquiring three more in Europe. Heidelberger, EDGE Entertainment and Millennium are now all part of the Asmodee family, and in the past handled distribution in Germany, France and Spain. The move gives Asmodee a stronger market share in Europe, so good news for gamers out there.

WizKids is upping their game with one major board game release each month this year. They started off with the release of Dice Stars, a colourful new dice rolling game. Next up is the D&D miniatures game Assault of the Giants in February, followed by the cooperative card game The Banishing in March, the area control game Tower of London in April, and the trick taking card game Tournament at Camelot in May. More announcements to come soon.

BoardGameGeek have been tallying their votes for the most anticipated games of 2017, and the list has now been reduced to twenty! Voting is now open until Jan 22nd. Make your picks here.

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