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Hello fellow gamers,

Days of Wonder have announced their next big release with Yamataï. Designed by Bruno Cathala and Marc Paquien and illustrated by Jérémie Fleury, this gorgeous looking area management game has players competing for prestige from the queen by constructing buildings on different islands. The game will be in stores in March in Europe then May in North America.

Lookout Games will be doing a new edition of the classic Le Havre this year. Originally released in 2008, many consider Le Havre as a gold standard in board gaming. The new edition will contain the base game, the Le Grand Hameau expansion, and all available promo cards. No word yet on the release date.

Another classic game is getting a new edition this year. Bohnanza will get an update for its 20th anniversary from Rio Grande Games. The trading and set collection card game includes a set of new cards to add new strategies like the Spring Bean card. The new edition is expected to come out earlier this year.

And if you’re excited for the sequel to the classic sci-fi Blade Runner later this year, you’ll also be excited to learn that NECA, owners of WizKids, have reserved the board game rights to Blade Runner 2049. Keep an eye out for that around the time the film is released.

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