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Hello fellow gamers,

Rhino Hero is a surprise 3D stacking hit game from Haba released a few years ago. Now, Haba ups the ante with Rhino Hero: Super Battle, releasing in Europe in the first half of 2017 and North America in the second half. Players will do battle with one another while holding their place on the unsteady 3D tower the build. The original game has developed quite the cult following.

Terraforming Mars has been labeled as one of the best games of last year, so naturally Stronghold Games has produced the first of many expansions for the hit game. Releasing this summer is the Hellas & Elysium expansion, which adds two new areas to explore with new milestones.

Kalmbach Publishing will be releasing a new version of the Mike Richie hit from 2008, Element. Using stones that represent the elements, players use powers gained from those stones to immobilize their opponent to victory. Originally for two players, the new edition is modified to allow four players, plus offered some improvements to the rules. The new edition will be in stores this spring.

Blue Orange Games has announced two new family games from designer Roberto Fraga to appear in stores this year. First is Dr. Microbe, a game where you play as scientists racing to complete microbe research by using tweezers to pick the microbes you need to complete a challenge card. And second is Go Go Gelato!, a dexterity game where you use cones to pass scoops of gelato to other cones and complete customer orders for a challenge card.

Thanks for stopping by, keep playing those games, and we’ll see you next week!

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