Dialect: A Game About Language and How It Dies

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180 - 240 Min 3 - 5 Players 2017

Languages can affect our brains and behavior.  Thinking and/or speaking in a foreign language can alter our train of thought, drive us to be more socially sensitive and overall create a different personality.

Dialect is a GM-less game which is rare for an RPG.
The game unfolds in three basic steps:

  1. Building the World
    Players choose a backdrop from which the Isolation emerges, for example “The Martian Outpost”. Then three aspects are defined for your community, creating the initial seeds from which your language grows. (g. We need water) Finally each player chooses a character which has a unique relationship to the aspects.
  2. Turns
    Each turn is divided into three stages. First, you have to choose a concept card and tie it to one of the aspects. Then, build a new word that will define this concept and will be built around the relationship between concept and aspect. Finally, you will have a short conversation where you will explore what this language means to two of the characters at the table.
  3. Moving through the Ages
    In the end, you will move through an age and pivotal events will take place as time goes by, making you take hard choices that will have a strong impact on the Isolation.

The game takes place over three ages and then the Isolation ends and the language dies.


Having a strong team of experts, Dialect comes with a lot of work on the backstage, beautiful aesthetics and an overall package that offers “Food for thought”.