Dwarves in Trouble


Age: 8+ 15 - 40 Min 3 - 6 Players 2016

You are dwarves, and it is common knowledge that dwarves are really greedy, always desiring to have as much gold as possible. However, this time you are not supposed to gather gold, but get rid of it! Oh, yeah that’s true my little dwarves!

You have decided to visit the dragon’s den while the dragon is away. You have found out that there is a lot of treasure to take with you, but unfortunately just as you are pocketing the gold, the dragon is back! Now, you are in trouble, however, the dragon decides that he will not eat the dwarf that has taken the least amount of gold. So, you have to get rid of the treasure, but in a tricky way…

Dwarves in Trouble is an non-collectible card game, in which each one of you begins with 20 gold coins and you have to give them away. When a player has played, the others can play counteract cards to either cancel or modify the current action, while trying to benefit at the same time. The winner is either the player who has got rid of all their gold first or the player who has the least amount of gold, when the dragon card is drawn.

Dwarves in Trouble is an easy-to-play and fast game, in which you should be alert and watch what is happening on the table, as well as play in a clever and sly way. Be the first to get rid of the treasure or you will face the dragon’s rage…