Knit Wit

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Age: 8+ 15 - Min 2 - 8 Players 2016

Knit Wit is a party word game from Z-Man Games, in which players have to come up with unique answers to specific categories. The thing is that there are no fixed categories, but the players have to craft their own word categories using spools and thread!

You take a number of spools, according to the number of players, and place them out one at a time, circling each one with string and then placing a word from the box into each circle. Then everyone comes up with words, names or phrases that match as many of the player created categories as possible. After everyone has finished with their words, you compare the answers, crossing out those someone has in common with others, challenge any word you think does not fit and you score points for the remaining answers, each word getting one point for each category it matches. The more categories you match, the more points you get. There are, also, some bonus buttons to grab for extra points. The player with the highest score is the winner.

Knit Wit is an innovative and enjoyable easy-to-play game, which can challenge both your intellectual and your crafts skills and it is rather a free form version of Scattergories. The funny part is having to come up with bizarre answers off the top of your head and having to defend them!

So, let’s knit the words!