Mistborn: House War


Age: 14+ 60 - 90 Min 3 - 5 Players 2017

Mistborn: House War is a game set in the world of Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn novels.

Players take on the role of factions and they must work together so as to deal with problems that the empire faces and help keep the balance that has been achieved for thousands of years. Problems may vary from environmental issues to social unrest and political conflicts.

At the same time, players must compete against each other in order to find out which House is the strongest, by earning the Lord Ruler’s favor. To achieve that, you will have to make alliances, negotiations and undermine your opponents, as well as your allies.

In order to deal with the various problems, you must have resources in specific combinations. Each round, you can produce resources, such as food, money, warriors, in different proportions and combinations, depending on the faction to which you belong. At some point, players will have to cooperate and gather all the resources they have together, so as to achieve their goal. Moreover, negotiation is of great significance during the game to solve problems.

Mistborn: House War is a game of betrayal and negotiation, in which you must make deals and exchange resources, threats and promises with other players, so that you will benefit to the greatest extent and at the lowest cost. Protect the empire from any kind of unrest and earn the Lord Ruler’s favor or become the only House to prevail in the end.

Mistborn: House War has been designed by Kevin Wilson, also known for games such as Descent: Journeys in the Dark and Arkham Horror.