Pandemic Iberia

Age: 8+ 45 - Min 2 - 5 Players 2016

Pandemic Iberia takes you back to the mid-19th century, having you take on the roles of members of The Second Royal Philanthropic Expedition.

Of course you are asked to cooperate once again in this battle against contagious diseases, but this time you are about to discover the origins of diseases, such as malaria, typhus, yellow fever and cholera that are devastating the countryside of the Iberian Peninsula. However, no modern technologies are available yet, thus you are going to make use of more traditional means for your research.

In Pandemic Iberia, there are no chartering flights, but you can move by carriage, boat, train or ship. Moreover, you can build railroad and hospitals, and it is in hospitals that you may research a disease. However, unlike regular Pandemic, you cannot discover the cures for diseases, but you can only research how to prevent their spread. What is more, you may purify water, which is another way to slow the spread of these infectious diseases.

So, a new pandemic challenges you to work together and aid humanity. Will you respond to it?