Age: 14+ 20 - 80 Min 1 - 4 Players 2017

In Petrichor, you are a cute and fluffy cloud with the sole purpose to be the most efficient one towards your goal, growing the most crops. But beware, the sky is full of clouds that exist for the same reason and don’t want anything to get on their way. Weather can be your friend as well as your cruelest enemy.

The core of the game is essentially the four available actions, representing four states of the weather, Sun-Frost-Wind-Rain. “Frost” will let you create new clouds, “Sun” will let you add water on them, “Wind” will move the clouds around and finally “Rain” will let you drop the water onto crops. That’s the cycle of the clouds, making it an area-control and action-selection game. In addition, one of the characteristics highlighted on the game is its cutthroat nature. Clouds may not be so cute after all.