Age: 8+ 30 - 60 Min 1 - 4 Players 2017

Sector 6 comes from a young publishing company from Spain, “Draco Ideas”.
In this game, you take control of prisoners in the decaying stellar prison of Obliti, trying to survive. Due to budget constraints, you have to worry not only for food and water but also for oxygen.
The goal of the game is to gather the most oxygen through the labyrinth of galleries in Sector 6 so you can breathe another day! The gameplay of the game is very simple as each player’s turn is split in two phases. The 1st phase is to move into a straight legit line, meaning you can`t move through walls or other miniatures. In the 2nd phase, you will have to choose to either pick up the oxygen tile (if any) that was on the hexagon you moved from or rotate that hexagon. This second option is the tricky one as you change the layout of the labyrinth and this may also result to the rotation of adjacent hexagons as each one has gears that can be interlocked to other tile’s gears.
This one is essentially a more strategic “Hey, That’s my fish”, or with a twist if I may say. The building of the maze offers a humongous number of different maps to play on, that change dynamically through the game. Lastly, the rules include some variants for more or less experienced players as well as for solo and team play.