World’s Fair 1893

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Age: 10+ 35 - 45 Min 2 - 4 Players 2016

This game has been inspired by the World’s Fair that took place in Chicago in 1893 and it was an exhibition of many scientific, technological and cultural achievements.

You are organizers of the fair and you do your best in order to increase your influence throughout the fair, so that you will be responsible for the greatest exhibits to be put on display.

There are five areas, which represent sections of exhibits and there also cards which represent exhibit proposals for each of these sections, people of great influence who can give you more supporters and tickets for several attractions. Each organizer sends one supporter to one of the five areas to gather all the cards from it. These cards are then replaced by new ones.

Players gain reputation points when they lead supporters in an area and when they gather the most tickets in every round. Moreover, the leaders in an area get approval for exhibit proposals that match the specific area, so you also earn reputation points according to the exhibits that have been approved. The player who has built the best reputation when the fair begins wins the game.