Wrathborne Champions

Designers: ,

Age: 12+ 30 - 180 Min 2 - 6 Players 2017

The Minions of Wrath are coming full of hate for the world, aiming at destroying it. You and your friends are the Wrathborne, a team of the strongest fighters the world has ever known, which the gods have chosen to exterminate those massive monsters.
When the game starts, players create a deck that features the abilities of their class, the attack characteristics that correspond to the weapon they have chosen and some customizing items. This deck represents both the players’ actions and their life total, since any damage taken is applied to the deck itself.
As for the Minions of Wrath, they are represented by puzzles that are made up of nine different sectors. In order to win, players will have to hit the Minion piece by piece until it is too weak to hit back. Of course, Minions are not the same and they require different kind of strategy and planning on the players’ part. When fighting a Minion, you must also beware of the Wrath Token, which moves around the board and determines which hero is going to face the Minion’s wrath.
Defeat each one of the Minions that stand in your way and you will be victorious!