Hidden Dungeon

HOPE Print n Play Version

Hope is a cooperative game for 2-4 players where in the end only one can be the winner. The zip file contains: A PDF with the Print n Play version of the game. A PDF with the ruls of the... more!
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Betrayal at the House on the Hill Unofficial Expansion vol.1

You are in a house in the middle of nowhere! You hav just entered and the door is locked… You can’t get out… Strange things happen around you many of these will force someone to betray the others… You must... more!
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Karmaka Print n Play Demo

Karmaka is a tactical card game for 2-4 players, in which every action has consequences in your next… life! The zip file includes: The game cards and cardbacks The rules of the game The Karmic Ladder The 12 Karmic Ring... more!
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Arcadia Quest Blank Cards

In Arcadia Quest all players battle against each other and have as ultimate goal to defeat the Vampire Lord and become the rulers of Arcadia. Every player has a team of three heroes and a series of quests. The zip... more!
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BattleCON Print n Play Demo

BattleCon is a head to head card game for two players. The players choose characters with unique abilities and powers in this tactical and strategic game. The zip file contains pdf’s with: The rules of the game A Demo Print... more!
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Robinson Crusoe Zombie Island Adventure

You are on vacation. You wake up one morning in a different world. A world full of living dead. A world full of zombies. Time seems to have stopped. Zombies multiply day by day. You must get away from the... more!
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