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Conquest LCG …The Day After- Interview with Apoka Team

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Beginning February 28th, 2017, Fantasy Flight Games discontinued and removed from their catalogue all products set in the Warhammer and Warhammer 40K universe along with all other games published in conjuction with Games Workshop. The end of an era for quality games set in the fictional world of Space Marines, Orcs (and space Orcs), Questing Knights and brave Guardsmens but there may still be a glimer of hope for at least one of their product lines. The Conquest LCG has found a new home with the Apoka team who continues to produce quality content for the game.


1. What is APOKA?

Apoka is a two-parts team.

A core of seven that avoided asylum by disguising themselves as Conquest players. They are based across the globe, China, Canada, USA, Greece, France, and Ukraine.
A large base of playtesters. Unvaluable, they actually are the ones preventing the releases from being totally broken. The chinese community is a big part of it.


2. How was APOKA formed?

As you would imagine.

Almost half a year ago now, a simple tuesday afternoon we sat at our favorite table to play Conquest and learnt the news: Conquest is going to stop. Around the table were Ktoto, lead game designer and Kripper, graphic designer. It was as intense as the Council of Elrond (maybe a bit less fancy, we don’t have swords) and in the end we sworn to make Conquest alive.


3. Is it possible for a game that has been discontinued by its company to survive?

They are games that survived their cancellation. We don’t know if Conquest can be one of them, but we know one thing for sure: It will not come from Apoka alone.

We can provide professional quality cards, and we are happy to do so, but to survive it takes the whole community to step in and participate!


4. What do you hope to accomplish?

We hope to help federate the community around one project that would make our game stable and solid. Our community needs more cards of course, but also to gather around for other topics as well, to take decisions on any aspect of our hobby. As an example, we think our community should work on a regular basis to prepare general FAQs and erratas. It’s our game now, it needs us.


5. So far what has been the public reaction to what you’re doing?

Fantastic. Really fantastic. This project costs us a lot of time (and some cash too, we spent around 400$ to date, for print-tests, blog, servers, google drive space, etc.) but the public reaction is so heartwarming that we don’t regret a single hour of that project. We receive a lot of supportive emails, and now even first pics of Conquest tournaments. All this means a lot to us.


6. Do you have a timetable or do you make plan for future releases as you go?

Yup. We recently published our official 2017 Release Plan. We should be able to keep our timetable. Today, all the cards have been designed. We are doing internal tests, and we will soon open the tests to the playtest teams.


7. Any spoilers you can share then?

Would it be a tasty article without a spoiler uh? ^^

Here is a spoiler of the next warlord, of “Overrun” warpack, Liatha, the Hollowshade.
We worked very hard over the past months on this warlord. We wanted to create something really different, but still using the core mechanisms of Conquest.

Liatha is a real pleasure to play. Especially with close friends. It’s so difficult not to smile when your friend is suspecting you of lying again. Now bluff and poker-face are part of Conquest!


8. What is for you guys in this project?

Only the pleasure to get a message from Conquest fans in Chile about a store scheduling a Conquest tournament again or three brothers who can keep burning sectors on the big table of their kitchen.

We only see us as an actor of the community, doing our part because we have the tools to do it. We’re doing this because it increases the chances that the best game we ever played survives.

You can find out more about the APOKA team and their releases here and here.

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