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We had the pleasure of getting an interview with the designer and the publisher of the much promising Nectar with the outstanding artwork! Nectar has been launched on Kickstarter and you can find out more about the game on our article.

1.What was the inspiration for this game’s intriguing theme?
Xīn Mào:The theme’s inspiration came from the interest in witchcraft and alchemy. This game’s mechanical part came out first and we realized that the topic was pretty suitable for game.

2.What was the greatest difficulty that you faced during the development of the game?
Xīn Mào:The greatest difficulty I realized is the same as always,which is to fix the game continuously so that it will be more fun and more flowing. This whole process took us almost a year.

3.What kind of gaming experience do you want to create with this game?
Xīn Mào:After careful planning, observing, and distribution, it created a chain reaction and the butterfly effect. And this is what I wish the users would experience.

4.For what kind of gamers is this game suitable?
Xīn Mào:This game is suitable for people who like to play games related to witchcraft and alchemy.

5.How Curious Lux and Horn Cup games are connected?
Curious Lux:Horn Cup Games is the original creator of this game. Our name has been spread thoughout some places in China. Curious lux is a team set in Los Angeles. Thanks to the internet for letting these two teams to be able to communicate and have such great understanding of each other.

6.What else can we expect in the future from Curious Lux, a publisher coming from the future?
Curious Lux:We will use our unique vision to try to choose the best games out of the world. Also we will do our best to attract more players and let them know about our game.

The future world is a place filled with internet, and we would like to help make it a more remembering place.

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