Exclusive Interview With The Creators and Publishers of Mystic ScROLLS

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Category: Age: 8+ 15 - 25 Min 2 - 4 Players 2017

What inspired you to make a fast-paced dice game with such a theme?
We love fantasy themes and we really get inspiration from them. We started designing the game with this theme in mind and the game evolved around it.

What kind of gaming experience do you want to create with this game?
We want the players to feel the tension the real-time games provide, but we also want players to have a lot of good options during the game. We like players to constantly have interesting decisions to make but not having enough time to do all. So players have to choose!

What was the greatest challenge that you faced during the designing and development of the game?
At the beginning, the game was (as always) less elegant. We had to make a choice to make the game heavier, with more strategy or make it lighter. And this time we felt it would be more fitting to the game to make it lighter. When we thought of the common dice pool mechanic, the game really shone and we were certain of the path we had chosen.

What is the mechanic-element of the game that you are most excited about?
We love that each round can end in two different ways, through the dice pool or through the middle scroll. That makes the players always be alert of what the other players are doing and whether to continue working on their spells or try to capture the middle scroll.

What kind of gamers is this game suitable for?
The game can be a great filler game in a game night, since it is fast and fan without many rules or lengthy set-up. But it can also be a great family game, since it is very simple to learn and kids enjoy it.

You have already run 4 successful Kickstarter campaigns. In which part of a campaign do you focus the most?
All parts of a campaign are important. Preparation, running the campaign and of course fulfilling it. If you don’t pay enough attention to a single part, it will probably cause problems, so you must always find suitable partners but also be engaging to the backers of the campaign.

What else can we expect in the future from Drawlab Entertainment?
We are currently flying to Essen Spiel, where we are going to showcase our three new gaming products.

When I Dream is a fun party game where players are dream spirits trying to give clues to the Dreamer, sometimes helping and sometimes confusing him, with unpredictable laughs.

Motion Pictures: movies out of cardboard is our new strategy card game about movie making, with an interesting blend of hand management, deck building and set collection.

Additionally, we will have our new gaming accessory with us, our Legendary Dice Throwers, which is our new proposal on dice towers, the most epic way to roll your dice. We are really proud of all of them!

Mystic ScROLLS has been running on Kickstarter and there are 3 days to go if you want to back it!

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