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Theosis: Godslayer is a mini-expansion to the core game “Theosis” with an amazing huge miniature, currently seeking funding on Kickstarter!

Interview with Dreamcraft Games

1. Your first Kickstarter campaign, Theosis, was a great success! What led Dreamcraft Games to come back on Kickstarter with an epic mini-expansion that soon?
Well, there were a lot of fans who missed the first campaign. Since it is a Kickstarter exclusive game and they could not get Theosis in a store, they requested a second chance. We wanted to give them this chance. Moreover, there were a lot of elements that we wanted to add to the core game especially regarding the co-op mode of the game, so we thought about it and we decided to go for it. Offering the expansion now would also give us the opportunity to ship the core game and the expansion at the same time!

2. What’s your favorite element in the Godslayer expansion?
Well, the easy answer would be the miniature, but this would not be true. I really like to have options in my games…to be able to customize things. Therefore, I would say that my favorite element would be the numerous weapons, armor, shields, and artifacts that increase the possible hero building options. Having said that, I humbly believe that the new Power Cards also enrich the deck building of the game and the new Rituals allow different tactics to be built on them.

3. The truth is that we can’t ignore the gorgeous Godslayer miniature of epic proportions! What’s its use in the game?
That is easy! Slaying the player Heroes in the co-op game! It is a really bad boss. Having to fight both the dragon and the rider at the same time is a great challenge, and in most fights, the Heroes will be slaughtered. It will require very strategic cooperation with all Heroes against this Boss and things will still be very difficult.

4. The core game will also be available through this campaign, giving a chance to those that missed the first one. Additionally, it’s a Kickstarter exclusive game, meaning that there won’t be a retail version. What led you to that decision?
We are a new company focused on doing what we really like: designing and creating beautiful games. Going to retail is a whole different thing. It is commerce. We don’t think there is anything wrong with that, but it is a completely different thing. On the other hand, offering our games directly to our backers through Kickstarter is much more intimate, and the feedback is really important!

5. What can we expect from Dreamcraft Games in the future?
Our next two games are ready and we are in the phase of creating prototypes for those so we can showcase them openly to the community. It will not be long until we will announce them to everyone and start sharing more information about them. I promised not to tell much but I will share one thing. Our next game will be fully co-op!


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