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April 2019 (2nd half) Upcoming Board Games Kickstarter

April 2019

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Kevin looks at board games launching on Kickstarter the second half of April 2019.


April 16 Terraforming Mars Turmoil
April 16 Folding Space
April 16 Anachrony: Fractures of Time
April 16 Maximum Apocalypse Legendary edition
April 16 Upstaged
April 16 Shasn
April 16 Coreball
April 16 Fired Up
April 16 Giant Takenoko
April 17 Rusty Industry
April 18 Hunt the Ravager
April 18 On Mars
April 18 Ninjas!! The Stealth Assassin Showdown
April 21 Too Many Bones reprint
April 22 Jurrasic World Miniatures Wargame
April 23 Paths
April 23 Kingswood
April 25 Robinson Crusoe: Escape from Despair Island
April 29 Complexcity
April 30 Big Easy Busking
April 30 Six-Sided Elements (or may be changed to Six-Sided Spellbooks)
April 30 Quartermaster: Apply Within
end of April Dining Dynasties
April Robin Hood: Hero of the People
April 1 Survives
April Taktiki (relaunch)
late April Hawksworld
soon Roam
end of April/beg of May Mammoth
Bloodborne the Board Game


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