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Feb 2019 (1st half) Upcoming Board Games Kickstarter

February 2019

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Kevin looks at over 30 board games coming to Kickstarter the 1st half of February, 2019.

Jan 29 Munchkin Dungeon CMON/Steve Jackson
Jan 29 Chocolatiers Daily Magic Games
around Feb 1 High Rise Formal Ferret Games
Feb 1 Plundering Pirates
Feb 1 Skytear
Feb 1 Ghost Star
Feb 1 Reunification?
Feb 1 GT Studios – Minis
Feb 4 Xerxes
Feb 4 Story Builders
Feb 4 new promo pack for Little Flower Shop Dr Finn Games
Feb 4 Tenfold Dungeon Beasts of War
Feb 5 Mars Horizon: Blast Off
Feb 5 In the Hall of the Mountain King Burnt Island Games
Feb 5 Movie Empire
Feb Secret Renegade Game board game Renegade Games
Feb 5 Pulp Detective Expansion
Feb 5 Medieval Realms Lost Games Ent
Feb 6 TacTiki
Feb 6 Mechanica
Feb 7 Alliance the Card Game
Feb 7 Incoming Transmission (relaunch)
Feb 7 Dodoresque: Cherry Blossom
Feb 8 Gods of Metal
Feb 9 Warren Wars
Feb 12 Wayward IDW
Feb 12 Invictus Bionic Games
Feb 12 Lord of the Chords
Feb 12 Senatus Gray Mass Games
Feb 12 Unsolved Mysteries: El Ancora de Fuego
Feb 12 or 19 Blowback (postcards) Enigma Emporium
Feb 12 Theosis: Godslayer Dreamcraft Games.
Feb 13 Into the Dead
Feb 14 Alone back on KS Horrible Games
early Feb Star Colonies
early Feb new Tiny Epic Game
Feb Chocolate Factory Alley Cat Games
Feb Yokai: City of Crime
Feb Vae Victis 2 Tomatoes
Feb Freedom Phalanx
Feb Do not Die
Feb Shadows of Kilforth
Feb Fuji Koro
Feb Zoocracy


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