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Jan 2020 (2nd half) BLOK (Boardgame Launching On Kickstarter)

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Kevin looks at Board Games launching on Kickstarter the 2nd half of January 2020.

Jan 6 Dungeon Party Forbidden Games
Jan 13 Dungeon Ball
Jan 14 Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile – Leder Games
Jan 15 Mention Grendha
Jan 15 Micro City
Jan 18 Astrahys: Temorah (Wave 3) MedFan Games
Jan 20 Glorantha: The Gods War2 Petersen Games
Jan 21 Toruga 2199 Grey Fox
Jan 21 Migration Mars
Jan 21 Genotype: A Mendelian Genetics Game Genius Games
Jan 21 Jurrasic Parts 25th Century
Jan 21 10-Gallon Tank
Jan 21 DEI relaunch
Jan 21 deck block from Quiver Quiver
Jan 22 Rococo: Deluxe Edition – not a kickstarter but a preorder by publisher Eagle-Gryphon Games
Jan 27 Rocketmen
Jan 28 Vigilante
Jan 28 The Rival Networks Formal Ferret
Jan 28 It’s a Wonderful World Expansion (Ascension) La Boite De Jeu
Jan 28 Arcane Alley Expansion Strange Space Games
Jan 30 Galaxy in Crisis
end of Jan Deep State:New World Order
Jan Battlebetes
Jan Hindsight 2020 Rattlebox Games
Jan Turris – AP Board Games
Jan Mini Rogue – A Roguelike Microgame Mountain Gold Games
Jan The Dead Eye Pleasant Company Games

UPDATE: NOT JANUARY – Marvel United CMON/Spin Master

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