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Kickstarter July 2018 – Upcoming Board Games

(July 16-31, 2018)

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Kevin looks at over 20 board games launching on Kickstarter the 2nd half of July 2018:

July 16 Madeira and Zhanguo
July 17 Vanguard of War
July 17 Eldrich Century
July 17 Thunderstone Quest
July 17 Game to pick a game
July 18 Dragon Dice
July 19 Escape Plan
July 23 Game I’m not allowed to talk about yet…….
July 23 Knights of Glory
July 24 Artemis project
July 24 War of Supremacy
July 24 Moonshiners of the Apocolypse
July 27 Scavenge
July 30 Build a Cure
July 30 one night ultimate supervillains
July 30 Terminus Breach
July 31 HyGround Tiles
July Creepers
July Exchange
July Trogdor Board Game

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