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Kickstarter May 2018 – Upcoming Board Games

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Kevin looks at over 25 board games launching on Kickstarter the first half of May, 2018.

Below are the tentative launch dates for the board games.
May 1 Brook city, Sparkle Kitty Nights, Catapult Kingdoms, Dungeon Runners, Forbidden City
May 2 Treasure Mtn relaunch
first week of May Halls of judgment
May 1 or 8th Legends of Signum
May 6 Goblin Grapple, Tectonia
May 7 Cunning Linguistics, Vertium, Loot n Shoot reloaded
May 7 or 14 On Tour
May 8 Neverland REscue , Darwin’s Choice
May 10 City of Peril
around May 10 Zombie Legacy
May 22 MourneQuest relaunch
May 14 Velocity-9
May 15 Psi-Wars, Posthuman Saga, Bloc by Bloc, Tiny Ninjas, Inoka: Nature’s Spirit
May 15 through 22 Yokai Septet
May 15 through 22 Villagers

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