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Kickstarter September 2018 – Upcoming Board Games

(September 16 - 30, 2018)

| Your Opinion

Kevin looks at over 20 board games launching on Kickstarter the second half of September 2018.

Sept 18 Lockup
Sept 18 Periodic
Sept 18 Hero Master: An Epic game of Epic Fails
Sept 18 Set a Watch
Sept 18 Project L
Sept 18 Kill Merlin!
Sept 18 Deities Domination
Sept 18 Welcome to the Jungle
Sept 18 Homebrewers
Sept 25 Chocolatiers
Sept 25 Stonebound Saga expansion (Visions of Telios)
Sept 25 Town Builder:Coevorden
Sept 25 Mezo
Sept 25 Tidal Blades
Sept 26 Heroes of Tenefyr
Sept 26 Dice of the Caribbean
Sept 26 Zealot minis
Sept 27 Gladiatores: Blood for Roses
Late September Wannabe Football
September Diced Tomatoes
Sept Minis from Fireforge
Sept Hagglethorn Hollow
Sept Hippos Love Sushi
end of September Sea of Nadia
Sept Odd Fae card game

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