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March 2019 (2nd half) Upcoming Board Games Kickstarter

January 2019

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Kevin looks at over 30 board games launching on Kickstarter the 2nd half of March 2019.

March 18 Complexcity Big Kid Games
March 18 Life Siphon Lay Waste Games
March 18 Argoat/Pralaya/Miraris Japanime Games
March 19 Tsukuyumi Grey Fox Games
March 19 Crave Black Forest Studio
March 19 Nerd Words: Science Genius Games
March 19 MisDirection
March 19 Sea Rovers
March 19 FlamingOs
March 19 OverBattle Syther Gaming
March 19 Exodus Chronicles Board & Dice
March 19 VikingJarl relaunch SB Games AS
March 19 Plunderbund HutChu Games
March 21 Vintage Racers Mr. B Games
March 25 Oceans North Star Games
March 25 Lorenzo digital + The Pazzi Conspiracy Cranio Creat
March 25 Area 1851 Express 5 24 labs
March 25 Fuji Koro Game Brewer
March 26 Gartenbau Fisher Heaton
March 26 Imnia
March 26 Crumbs Tidbit Games
March 26 Overpowered Mats Kate??
March 26 Potemkin Empire Indie Boards and Cards
March 26 Haulin Consumable Logic
March 26 District 9
March 26 Don’t Get Stabbed
March 26 Pocket Landship Word Forge Games
March 27 Widget Ridge
March 27 Moonstone
March 28 Blood on the Clocktower The Pandemonium Ins
late march One Deck Galaxy Asmadi Games
late march Folklore Affliction
late march Dinos not assembled
late march Magnate
end of March Cosmic Run: Mining Colony Dr. Finns Games


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