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Nov 2018 (1st half) Upcoming Board Games Kickstarter

November 2018

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Kevin looks at over 30 games coming to Kickstarter in the beginning of November 2018. Check out these board games!

Nov 1 Mammoth Soaring Rhino
Nov 1 Pedigree Solid Rock Games
Nov 1 Reavers of Midgard Grey Fox Games
Nov 1 Star Colonies
Nov 1 Dungeon Universalis Ludic Dragon Games
Nov 1 Munchkin Steampunk Expansion Steve Jackson Games
Nov 4 Cultistorm (found out about this after video was done)
Nov 5 Baiam
Nov 5 Aeon’s End Digital Indie Boards and Cards
Nov 5 Sword & Sorcery: Ancient Chronicles Ares Games
Nov 6 Terminus Breach Self Published
Nov 6 Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates Forbidden Games
Nov 6 Welcome to DinoWorld Alley Cat Games
Nov 6 Taco Ninja Adventure
Nov 6 Borders of Kanta Chinook Games
Nov 6 Atlantis Rising (2nd edition) Elf Creek Games
Nov 6 Exploriana Triple Ace
Nov 6 Claustrophobia 1643 Monolith
Nov 6 City of the Big Shoulder Parallel Games
Nov 6 Pipeline Capstone Games
Nov 6 Oddbods Go-kards Playware
Nov 7 Oak and Iron Firelock Games
Nov 7 The Perfect Moment Button Shy
Nov 7 Awkward Guests
Nov 8 Arcane Alley Strange Space Games
Nov 8 Whales Destroying the World Time Slug Studio
Nov 8 Rallyman GT Holy Grail Games
Nov 8 FlickFleet Eurydice
Nov 10 The Eternal Battle Poison Studio
Nov 12 expansion to Intelle Fisher Heaton Games
Nov 12 Earth Asunder
Nov 12 Mechanisms
Nov 13 Imagineers Maple Games
Nov 13 Assasin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice Triton Noir
Nov 13 Onimaru Penguin & Panda Productions
Nov 13 Jabberwocky Jellybean Games
Nov 15 1001 Odysseys Asmadi Games

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