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October 2019 (2nd half) Board Games Launching on Kickstarter

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Kevin looks at a bunch of board games launching on Kickstarter the second half of October 2019.

Oct 14 Tiny Epic Dinosaurs
Oct 15 Block Happy
Oct 15 Heroes and Gods: The Master of Dreams
Oct 15 Jinja
Oct 16 Zombicide 2nd Edition
Oct 16 Village Attacks: Grim Dynasty
Oct 20 Vector Wars
Oct 21 Aeolis
Oct 22 Clash of Minds: Holmes vs Moriarty
Oct 22 Tiny Footprint
Oct 22 Namiji
Oct 22 Astroforce
Oct 24 High Frontier 4 all
Oct 24 Ronin of the Reach
Oct 28 WAYK and TANGL
Oct 28 Goldrush and Longhorns (Montana expansion)
Oct 29 Titan (Relaunch)
Oct 29 Migration: Mars
Oct 31 Vengeance Expansion
Oct 31 Genotype
Oct 31 The Quick and the Undead
Oct 31 Almanac: The Dragon Road

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