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Upcoming Board Games Kickstarter September 2019 (2nd half)

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Kevin looks at Board Games launching on Kickstarter between Sept 16-30, 2019.


List of Games launching:
Sept 16 Detective City of Angels Exp (Smoke and Mirrors)
Sept 16 Western Tropic
Sept 17 Universal Truth
Sept 17 Clash of Minds
Sept 17 Titan
Sept 17 Manchukuo
Sept 17 Jujo
Sept 17 Valhal
Sept 18 Light Hunters: Battalion of Darkness
Sept 24 Time of Legends: Destinies
Sept 23 ArchRavels
Sept 23 Edge of Darkness reprint with expansion
Sept 24 Seven Bridges
Sept 24 Sovereign Skies
Sept 24 The Quest Kids
Sept 24 The Grand Carnival
Sept 24 Ruins of Mars
Sept 24 Camp Pinetop
Sept 24 Unicorn Fever
Sept 24 Madeira
Sept 24 Dance Card
Sept 24 Beneath
Sept 24 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Sept 24 Wacky Widgets
Sept 26 Meeple Force
end of Sept Deadly Doodles 2

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