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3 Upcoming Kickstarter Board Games for Early 2020

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The new year is about to begin, we’re all full of holiday food and had enough break to reset our engines. Time for a fresh batch of newest upcoming campaigns – all planned for January through March. Enjoy!

Neo-Morphosis – January 8th

Coming to Kickstarter as soon as January 8th, it’s a new board game by Filippo Chirico and Dark Gate Games. The same team who gave us Dark Rituals and The Order of Vampire Hunters. 

Neo-Morphosis is a game set in the 22nd century. Earth went through a number of climatic crises. First – it got incredibly hot. Few decades later it finally chilled thanks to the efforts of humanity’s best scientists. Sadly, in the end the temperature got too low and now humans are facing another crisis, this time the globe is too frigid for our species. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a horde of aliens coming and they don’t come in peace…

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