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Board Game Crowdfunding Around the World – Kickstarter Alternatives

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Crowdfunding has certainly shaken up the world of tabletop games. Independent designers with good ideas got the chance to promote their creations. Some projects that would be difficult to sell in retail finally have a way of reaching their audience (e.g. huge games with lots of minis and multi digit price). Biggest players in the board game industry have also joined the race, and began using crowdfunding as their (often exclusive) way of introducing new products.

Going Local

Kickstarter, despite leading the market by a huge margin, is by no means the only crowdfunding service used to promote and sell new board games. Many countries have developed their own local equivalents. These websites often target the needs of a very specific population and allow for things missing from Kickstarter like: better shipping pricing or additional project support for the creators…

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