Millennium Blades: Collusion – a CCG About CCGs

Category: Age: 14+ 80 - 120 Min 2 - 6 Players 2020
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There’s something addicting about collectible card games. If you ever played MTG or any other CCG title, I bet you know that feeling. Tearing apart a fresh booster pack, removing the packaging and checking what’s inside card by card, while inhaling a fragrance of fresh paper and printing paint. The excitement of finding rare, shining cards or creating a perfect deck to annoy your friends, is unmatched.

In the era of Munchkin and other genre parody titles, a tabletop game about playing CCGs shouldn’t feel too surprising. And that’s precisely what Millenium Blade is. A new expansion to the 2016 game is coming to Kickstarter, with the chance to get all of the products released so far…

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