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Newspeak – Turn Your Friday Party Into a Dystopia in 30 minutes!

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Category: Age: 14+ 30 - 60 Min 3 - 6 Players 2020

Welcome to the Perfect World!

Newspeak is a tabletop game, that presents a dark, yet depressingly realistic future, where Orwell’s vision from ”1984” became real thanks to smartphones, Augmented Reality and social media.

People track each other and know almost everything about all living beings around them. Everyone is being watched by everyone and there’s barely any way to stay safe… Unless you know a thing or 2 about hacking and feel brave enough to try breaking the system.

Newspeak takes inspiration not only from the classic book about the Big Brother, but also pop culture pieces like Mr. Robot and Black Mirror – all known for their hopeless depictions of the world, that might await us…

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