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Super Fantasy Brawl – an Arena Fighter by Monolith

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Mythic is one of the most creative big players on Kickstarter board game market right now. They never hesitate to try out original ideas instead of pumping out sequels / seasons / expansions. Each year they surprise us with something fresh. While arena skirmish games are by no means a new idea, Mythic has never made one so far. While the genre might seem slightly repetitive, I feel like their take on it might be something worth checking out.

Mythical Minis

The studio is mostly known for their Joan of Arc miniatures game, famous for its scale and the huge dragon statue used during gameplay. Mythic followed their initial success with an unique, pulp novel inspired, co-op game called Solomon Kane as well as Wolfenstein-like Reichbusters: Projekt Vril – both crowdfunded last year…

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