Talenticity – a Game About Illusions, Made With Illusions

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We love how some board game designers keep inventing new types of components to be used in their creations and allow for implementing new and fresh mechanics. Last year we were enamored by a game using magnet controlled minis (The Faceless) and this year there was a title using miniature flashlights to allow playing in the dark (AVGhost). Looks like 2019 has yet another contender when it comes to component originality.

Welcome to Talenticity

Talenticity is a place like no other. A steam powered metropolis where art, magic and illusionists thrive. It’s ruled by a pantheon of gods, but the real deities for people of this universe are artists, who give their stunning performances every evening. Adored by masses they fill the theaters to the brim and show jaw dropping tricks and spells to amuse people living in the city…

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