Trial by Trolley – A Game of Running Over and Family Fun

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Category: Age: 18+ 30 - 90 Min 3 - 13 Players 2020

Cyanide and Happiness has been published online constantly for over a decade and a half. It spawned an animated series, a card game, a video game and became one of the biggest webcomic phenomena ever. The dark, comedic and often disturbing stories have charmed (and depressed) millions of fans all over the world.

Last week, the newest project by the authors of C&H called Trial by Trolley, has popped up on Kickstarter. It’s their second crowdfunded board game after Joking Hazard back in 2016.

The Trolley Problem

Trial by Trolley is a light, party card game that can be played by bigger groups of players – from 3 up to even 13. The game is based on a famous ethical dilemma called “the trolley problem”…

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